This hanging basket is thrown on my wheel in stoneware then it is carved, underglazed and dried, then fired to bisque stage. After it is bisque fired I do the final glazing on it and fire it again to achieve its finish and look, I then attach the cotton twine rope and get some pictures taken.  They are great for inside or outside, I have a couple hanging above my kitchen sink as well as around the inside and outside of my studio. As always, I hope that through my hands, some dirt can bring you joy!

Carved Flower Hanging Basket

  • Size: 3-3/4" wide x 4" tall

    Hanging Length: 18-20 inches

    Material: Stoneware, Glaze, Cotton Twine Rope, Jute Twine

    Color(s): Yellow, Green, Orange, White

    Weight: 10 ounces